• Scary goat is on the loose and using evil super natural powers to create rampage, chaos & destruction in grand city. Transform into goatman (half human half goat) and destroy everything comes on your way in Goat City Rampage Simulator 2019 action simulator game.

     In goat simulation explore big city, with interactive humans, animals, police and army with massive buildings to destroy with your attached guns. Scary goat 2019 sim, blasting military tank, breaking down walls, shoot at enemy soldiers will make everybody’s live miserable. Use your long tongue to catch stuff, people, cars and trucks! Catch them before they run away and win this adventure New free games This crazy and scary goat battle simulator will allow you to transform yourself into goat man with more evil power in goat simulator 2019.

    Flying Jetpack Goat City Attack
    In scary goat 2019 you have a super power to fly as jetpack goat and complete city destruction tasks in given time. Wild goat city attack will allow you to use jetpack to fly over the town and use your rocket guns and missiles to destroy the city. Flying goat city rampage is pure survival game as you have to survive against army and city police shooters.

    Transform into a goat man, attack and smash everything in your way. Hunters nor soldiers are a match for you. Destroy their vehicles because you have no mercy for anyone.
    City Destruction Missions
    Your aim is to cause destruction, mess or wreck, demolish and smash everything also annoy citizens. Beware from police and army with tanks and deadly weapons because they can strike without any warning in goat city attack simulator. Attack & crush with your flying goat city survival powers. Complete goat revenge and increase stamina & health.

    Long Tongue to Grapple
    In this scary goat simulator use your long tongue to pull vehicles, army tanks and humans. Jump across the crazy obstacles and wander as crazy goat. Wild angry goat attack and goat 

    survival is all about destruction & chaos in town with free to play goat fight game.

    How to Play Goat City Survival Sim
    - Follow the map on the top of the screen.
    - Move joystick to control the navigation of the goat.
    - Use the button to shoot your gun.
    - Complete all destruction missions within time.

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