• Water Surfer Beach Car Racing

    Drive water car on surface or underwater with extreme beach car driving. Enjoy Jet Ski and boating adventure with your submarine car in deep oceans. Become a super water surfer with this amazing car driving fun. Water surfer beach car racing will give you the car surfer float driving experience on city beach. This real water car surfer game 3d is made for real water boat lovers, fulfill your passion for real water car boat with floating car racing. This swimming car game gives you an opportunity to ride your jet ski on high speed and perform some water stunts. Time to enjoy an epic car surfer drive with your floating car on beach town offroads and water surface.

    Buckle up! Drive water car and enjoy the beach and ocean ride with floating car. In this beach car rider simulation your mission is to drive water car on beautiful city beach track and collect all check points in specific time limit. In this thrill driving game, you are trapped in a perilous hurdles (located on check points) with other destructive obstacles and deadly paths. Drive your surfing car for ultimate stunts like a water surfer rider. Specially designed water surfer driving adventure, with beach car driving gives you an amazing driving and racing opportunity. Ride your Jet Ski car boat on real furious speed and perform stunts as a super water surfer sea driver in beach city with water surfer beach car racing.

    Beach car driving in amazing sea environment with perfect beach riding and surfing experience. Extreme water car racing with fun of beach stunts and floating car drive have multiple thrill actions. Move your vehicle over deep sea like real jet ski car like real boat car. Enjoy the best floating water car simulator with real obstacles and variety of luxurious cars. Time to move your furious car over deep ocean where your underwater car’s modified tires will float like a real epic jet ski on ocean surface. Your racing skills will be tested in beach hurdles and escape the checkpoint.

    Features of Submarine Underwater Car:

    • Floating car on city beach driving adventure of 2017.
    • Realistic car physics with HD graphics underwater floating car.
    • Passing through different check points to complete beach car driving missions.
    • Extreme water surfing with real jet ski car and underwater car game.
    • Realistic town beach and water surfer animations.

    If you want some extreme beach driving experience then play this surfer floating car game. Show your skills and experience of beach car ride with Water Surfer Beach Car Racing. Ultimate water surfing & driving or floating underwater experience.

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