• SA Police Criminal Chase

    San Andreas Police Criminal Chase! Drive recklessly and chase crime city’s criminals in real police car in San Andreas metropolis. With police gangster chase, target the city robbers and criminals with your extreme swat police car. 3PS action 3d game with thrill of gangster escape in police chase games in cars. This is sequel of best chase & escape plan game, hunt down bank robbers and crooks of the San Andreas city. This City Police Car criminal chase and escape simulator is a thrilling police car racing and action game. Chase in modern police cars faster and lawless drivers and gangsters on gritty roads in theft criminal vs police car fight game. This is not the police chase games where you are the criminal! In crime city real police driving game in car your core duty is to keep city safe from all kind of gangster, big mafias and criminals. This group of mafias and criminals is creating havoc in crime city. City crime game high quality will surely amuse you with this SAN ANREAS POLICE CRIMINAL CHASE! Best in police chase games in cars.

    Play gangster vs police force fighting games, the city is under some lawlessness and anarchism. Crime city real police driving game in car is all about car driving police and catching thief, mafia and gangsters. 
    Drive your favorite police sports car in heavy traffic of crime city and hilly area to perform exciting and thrill furious ride. Drive carefully because this is not situation like other police chase games where you are the criminal. Theft criminal vs police car fight game were never been so thrilling and full of adventure. Control law & order condition in crime city real police driving game in car and City police car games.

    Escape through San Andreas city traffic, perform modern stunt drive and don’t get busted with others in police chase car. It's a sin city with full of gangsters where environment has turned hazardous for extreme car driving missions. Robbers will try to escape victoriously from high security crime patrol squad cell in city crime game high quality in best theft robbery and criminal games in the world. Play this extreme city police and gangster chase game and do not let any criminal escape from the San Andreas city with cop chasing car games. Grab your favorite cop car, buckle up and start your patrol duty and don’t let criminals to escape. Show guts to catch the top of criminal piles in crazy police car escape plan game with the blend of City police car games.

    Features of Police Criminal Chase & Escape 3D Simulator:

    ✓ 15 intriguing missions of city police car chase against gangsters.
    ✓ An absolute treat for the lovers of police chase games in cars and city police car games.
    ✓ Breathtaking Police car racing and chasing scenarios in Car games police chase.
    ✓ Multiple police cars to choose from the city police garage. 
    ✓ Grand escape and chase plan with modern police flee for real driver skills.

    Car games police chase with the twist of gangster escape 3d simulator is just a download away. Download now SA POLICE CRIMINAL CHASE for adrenaline filled action and crime car escape simulation.
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