• Futuristic Dino Robot Battle

    Love robot fighting games? Play and get into futuristic robot battle as a dinosaur! Yes you are in 2050 and playing as dino x ray robot and feat over the deadly X Ray robot enemies, other aliens and civilians in robot battle game or robot war games 3d. In transformer robot games trample the city, create chaos and ultimate rampage as futuristic robot or transformer in x ray robot battle game. Experience thrilling of steel body x ray futuristic dino robot battle; shoot other evil futuristic robots with your X Ray power hit and win this ultimate combat with robot fighting games. Target, Hit and quickly destroy the strong other transformer robots or x ray robot in this ultimate battle with your futuristic robot in transformer robot games. Transform your dino into futuristic robot and defeat enemies and civilians of the city. Robot war games 3d were never been so thrilling. You have to win this ultimate fight or war at any cost to survive in this futuristic battle of x ray robot. This dino transformer robot wants destruction, and other transforming robots can shift in to violent robots simultaneously and may attack immediately with their futuristic laser guided guns and weapons in FUTURISTIC DINO ROBOT BATTLE! Paramount of robot war games 3d.

    <i>Game-Play of Transformer X Ray Robotic Dino Game:</i>

    With X ray robot control over the city, destroy your enemy in the futuristic robot fight the final battle and unleash the modern steel world war with your transformer robot games. Stop and attack on other evil X Ray robots in city which are targeting you in this x ray robot war with futuristic & transformer robot games. The futuristic robot war battle has just activated in city and you as dino robot transformer survive in this robot war. Superhuman in shape of real steel x ray robots are ready for this war situation with their weapons in robot fighting games. Start this ultimate robot war in futuristic robot transformer way and start battle against alien metallic bodies with transformer robot games. Play as dino robot and use your combat skills to beat and trample the city.

    <i>X Ray Robot Game Features:</i>

    Amazing next generation 3D graphics.
    25 Realistic Robot war and transformer robot fighting missions.
    Robot battle in Futuristic environments.
    Stunning 3d city environment with robot war games 3d.
    Realistic robot transformer & x ray fight combat missions.

    This x ray transformer dino game will take you into the robot war zone, experience intense fighting and war against death machines and destroy metallic body’s aliens. Download FUTURISTIC DINO ROBOT BATTLE and take a step in next generation x ray dino robot war.
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